Elaine Poulin’s Profile


A communications graduate, Elaine Poulin began an administrative career at the National Capital Commission. After five years, she started her own business. As CEO, Elaine’s efforts and business acumen were recognized by the business group  “ Regroupement des gens d’affaires ” who bestowed upon her the “micro-business of the year award for 2003 ″.

A successful entrepreneur, Elaine began devoting herself to the development of social-economic projects in her region of la Petite-Nation. In 2005 this interest area expanded. Leaving the Ottawa area –  she travelled to Africa where, for the better part of  a year, she focused on developing social activity programs to foster hope and well-being in those adults who suffered from the effects of HIV.

Returning to Canada in 2006, Elaine continued a career path in the health field. She spent three years working with the sick and the dying in long-term health care facilities as well as in palliative care units. All the while she continued to develop her skills in the area of group facilitation processing.

In 2012, Elaine pursued studies in the field of health and wellness. She completed her reflexology training and studied the principles of coaching and integral development through New Ventures West. For the following two years Elaine helped those suffering from the effects of stress through clinical reflexology treatments.

In 2015, Elaine presented a workshop on PTSD to a team of nurses from the Federal Government. As well, she presented a motivational seminar in May at the SHAW Center (Ottawa Convention Center) for the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals.

Thereafter, Elaine joined a Pan-Canadian team of Peer Support Services advisers, the Peer And Trauma Support Systems Team. This group of advisors with years of lived experience as both formal and informal peers, share their knowledge and experience in the selection, training and management of peer groups. The curriculum of their training program is based on the Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Support, first published by the Mental Health Commission in 2014 and the product of tried and true processes that can be adjusted to meet organizational needs.

In the fall of 2015, Elaine was mandated by Parkinson’s Outaouais to develop and facilitate peer support groups for caregivers.  In the winter of 2016, Elaine implemented support services for caregivers in the region of La Petite-Nation with Le Comité régional 3e âge Papineau. Since then, she has been coordinating the training and support centre and facilitating weekly support groups for caregivers. Furthermore, in 2019-20, she facilitated on-line peer support groups for the Canadian Bar Association (Young Lawyers International Program).

The professional challenges which Elaine has overcome in various work environments have made of her a natural motivator, a consummate humanist and an encouraging speaker appreciated and respected by her various audiences.