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North of Darkness Testimonies

“Thank you to this brave author for taking us inside the head and heart of someone suffering from PTSD. Like a wave that nips and pulls at your ankles along the shore, I think we have all at some point in life felt the ‘pull’ of those negative forces. When balanced and steady, one is able to pull out of that wave. But when the wave is too big,  too unexpected – and we ourselves are feeling off balance – it can slam you into the ground hard, and regaining balance is a real challenge. In reading I honestly felt that wave that grabbed Elaine and threw her down … and then I celebrated her as she fights back, slowly and with patience and set backs, to right herself again. Thank you for this teaching.  The Annex for those contemplating international development and humanitarian aid work at the end of the book was absolutely excellent. This Annex ought to be required reading for those making their first trip!”

Joy Noonan

LL.B, LL.M, Chartered Mediator

“I am really glad Elaine wrote this book since it gave me very useful insight into PTSD which I must admit I really did not understand until I read her patient and thorough attempt at describing its deep complexity. In that way, she has done all her readers a great favour! I am particular taken by her insightful exploration (not based on academic psychological studies but on her personal experience) of the relationship between the physical and non-physical aspects of a human being. I am impressed that after this terrible journey, Elaine ends on a positive note, offering readers not only understanding of her voyage through darkness, which in itself is hugely valuable, but also possible solutions and advice for those who take the plunge to work in such difficult circumstances.”

Laurent Thibault