Facilitation Services

Elaine Poulin offers consultation and facilitation services for organizations who wish to develop formal peer support groups for caregivers or who need facilitators within existing peer groups.

Here is a resume of the proposed approach for peer support groups:

  • Telephone interviews with participants to identify themes to be discussed during meetings;
  • Values and guiding principles to be shared with participants (participants manual );
  • Regular meetings to discuss proposed themes and the importance of personal self care using different facilitation techniques.

Elaine Poulin proposes an added value, an approach which optimises physical and psychological well being of caregivers. Part of support group meetings are dedicated to exchanging resilience building tools and knowledge. Elaine shares progressively the content of her workshop ¨Building Resilience¨ with the participants. The goal is to encourage and guide everyone to build a personal wellness plan.

For more information please contact Elaine Poulin at perceptionsclassiques@outlook.com or by phone 819-986-5771.