“By choosing self-empowerment, the stresses of our limitations tend to fade, leaving in their wake, room for our dreams to grow.”

Elaine Poulin is the author of Perdre sa boussole, reprendre pied. Her workshops and seminars are inspired by the journey she undertook towards overcoming the debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In her presentations, Elaine embarks on a twofold quest: 1) – to demystify PTSD and 2) – to help people build resilience in order that they may prosper despite the adversities they face.

Whether we are being called to evaluate or to accompany someone who suffers from PTSD, a thorough understanding of it is vital if a positive impact on a person’s life is to be made. In her seminar “ Mental Health To Live Better Let’s Talk About It ”, Elaine offers us a better understanding of the psychological wound called PTSD. She shares many tools which help create awareness in the areas of self care and overall well being. The journey she has undertaken and now explains not only stimulates, it inspires recovery.

Life always brings to us many challenges which must be faced and overcome and resilience is the required capacity to absorb those challenging events, disturbances, pressures and or traumas. It’s the ability to re-organize the values of our lives in order to continue living fully despite any and all constraints. In essence, resilience is the capacity to spring back.

Some seem to have higher levels of resiliency than others. Nonetheless and overwhelmingly, experts seem to agree that resilience is a process. It is something that must be addressed, integrated, that which requires a daily commitment.

In her workshop “ Building Resilience Elaine presents a holistic approach to resilience building.

How can we improve our peer support services within our organizations? How can we put into place better structures within our systems? What are the benefits of peer support for our communities? What is the prejudice regarding mental health? How do we improve our empathy towards people whom are struggling? How do we better manage trauma within the workplace, one which allows us to intervene rapidly and effectively? Elaine Poulin and Syd Gravel offer a full day collaborative workshop on the subject “ Developing Support Systems ”.

Elaine Poulin also offers consultation and facilitation services for organizations who wish to develop formal peer support groups for caregivers or who need facilitators within existing peer groups.