Workshop: Developing Support Systems

Elaine Poulin and her colleague, Sylvio (Syd) Gravel, M.O.M., Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) from the Ottawa Police Services are offering a one day collaborative training. The workshop is suited for managers and staff wishing to build their personal resilience and improve peer support services within their organizations.

Elaine Poulin presents her integral resilience model. How do we define resilience and build it? Elaine shares wellness tools and resources based on many years of research, continued education and lived experience. Through her shared testimonials and facilitation techniques she motivates participants. She engages her public towards a proactive mental health approach and the importance of developing a personal wellness plan.

Through their shared common experience as PTSD survivors, Elaine Poulin and Syd Gravel shed light on the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and compassion fatigue. Over and above medical definitions, they give life to the subject. Two different stories, two different perspectives looking towards one path which inter-twines and one very important subject to discuss.

How can we improve our peer support services within our organizations? How can we put into place better structures within our systems? What are the benefits of peer support for our communities? What is the prejudice regarding mental health? How do we improve our empathy towards people whom are struggling? How do we better manage trauma within the workplace, one which allows us to intervene rapidly and effectively?

This interactive training is composed of 8 breakout sessions. Participants will benefit from the richness of sharing their experiences with each other in order to contribute to positive development within their organization.

Sylvio (Syd) Gravel, M.O.M., Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) is the author of 2 books and founding member of the Robin’s Blue Circle, a peer support group established in 1988 to help police officers whom were involved in a fatal or near fatal shooting. You can acquire Sylvio’s profile at his web site:

Elaine Poulin and Syd Gravel are part of the Peer and Trauma Support Systems Team. This group of 24 advisors with years of lived experience as both formal and informal peers, share their knowledge and experience in the selection, training and management of peer groups. The curriculum of their training program is based on the Guidelines for the Practice and Training of Peer Support, first published by the Mental Health Commission in 2014 and the product of tried and true processes that can be adjusted to meet organizational needs. For more information you can visit the Peer And Trauma Support Systems Team on facebook at:

For more information about the one day training with Syd Gravel and Elaine Poulin you can send an e-mail to or communicate with Elaine Poulin by phone at 819-986-5771.