Seminar: Mental Health: To Live Better, Let’s Talk About It!

Elaine Poulin, author of the book Perdre Sa Boussole Reprendre Pied (North of Darkness) offers a seminar:

When uneasiness settles in

When suddenly we are not ourselves

When we no longer recognize who we are, we can only ask: what’s happened?

How can I move forward?

In 2010, following a 10 month humanitarian mission to Africa, Elaine was diagnosed with post traumatic stress and severe depression. In 2006, she had responded to a longing of the soul – a wish to help the sick and less fortunate in one of the world’s poorest countries. This experience changed the course of her life. In Africa, Elaine lost her footing, and fell hard. She returned to Canada, a different woman – unsettled and lost.

It has taken her several years to find that footing – to find her way home.

Through the sharing of her experiences, Elaine offers us a better comprehension of the trauma in post traumatic stress. She demystifies the subject. She speaks on how she stabilized her wounds. In her presentation, she shares the road to recovery and the inspiring process of personal growth she has pushed herself to undertake.

Whether we are the one challenged or the support for someone who is suffering, Elaine’s message is most valuable.

She speaks on a delicate topic with great candour and authenticity and easily creates an intimate climate for sharing. She compels people to open up, to find the road to compassion, to see the possibility of a greater joy with which the gate to inner freedom can be opened.

Elaine guides her public towards the light, where hope of a better future prevails. She offers the possibility of a different perspective regarding a little understood situation. Her gift to everyone is clear. Mobilizing all of our resources towards full personal empowerment inevitably gives us back our footing.

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