Building Resilience to PTSD, compassion fatigue, depression, anxiety

Life always brings to us many challenges which must be faced and overcome and resilience is the required capacity to absorb those challenging events, disturbances, pressures and or traumas. It’s the ability to re-organize the values of our lives in order to continue living fully despite any and all constraints. In essence, resilience is the capacity to spring back.

Some seem to have higher levels of resiliency than others. Nonetheless and overwhelmingly, experts seem to agree that resilience is a process. It is something that must be addressed, integrated, that which requires a daily commitment.

We often associate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with military and first responders and Compassion Fatigue with health professionals. In reality, all civilians are vulnerable to these disorders. Directly experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event: a violent incident, a catastrophe, a death, serious illness of a loved one, abuse… Many unforeseen situations can lead to PTSD. And cumulative traumatic experiences can lead to Complex PTSD. Moreover, caretakers caring for a loved one at home may be faced with compassion fatigue symptoms over time. And so on…

It is this global vulnerability which we all share which inspires Elaine Poulin to speak to civilians and professionals alike about this important subject. Through a proactive approach, developing a wellness plan when things are well is crucial. Since doing so when our brain is not functioning properly is evermore difficult.

Elaine Poulin’s approach is holistic: Looking closely at the internal domain of human development, mind-body-spirit and the external realm of personal growth, our relationship with others and our environment. Her connection with resilience is founded on her years of recovery, on 5 years of research and continued education in the field of alternative therapies and coaching. She draws widely on personal experience in order to bring realism and authenticity to her presentation.

Objectives of the workshop:

To increase awareness of the risks related to being a personal caregiver and the risks associated to helping professions.

To experiment wellness tools:

  • To stabilize the nervous system
  • For managing thoughts and emotions

To optimize the use of a support network and improve communication skills

This 6 hour workshop is designed into 3 sessions in which participants are encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas. The progressive workshop leads to participants integrating the shared knowledge through interactive exercises which fosters resilience to overall stress, PTSD, compassion fatigue, depression and anxiety.


For more information about the workshop program please contact

Elaine Poulin at or by phone 819-986-5771.